head-to-Head: Lead, Follow, or Pivot:  Adapting Your Sales & Leadership Strategy in Real-Time

head-to-Head: Lead, Follow, or Pivot: Adapting Your Sales & Leadership Strategy in Real-Time

In the vibrant world of new home sales, there is always something new to learn, especially when it comes to honing one’s skills in sales and leadership. In the latest episode of the profound live discussion, “Head-to-Head”, Kimberly Mackey of New Homes Solutions Consulting and guest expert Roland Nairnsey of New Home Sales Plus took listeners on a deep-dive exploration of the dynamic world of sales strategy, sharing pearls of wisdom from their rich career tapestries. The session, infused with humor and personalized anecdotes, promised to be a masterclass and a space for budding professionals to rediscover and fine-tune their sales prowess.

Crafting a Symphony of Sales: The Mackey-Nairnsey Duo Unveils the Secrets

Drawing from personal experiences, including Kimberly’s enriching encounters with horses, the session mirrored the beauty of leading by instructions and walking beside team members to foster a climate of growth and learning. The rich narrative created imagery where leadership transcended to an art form, striking a chord with clients and team members, drawing parallels with leading a horse to success.

Phase One: Discovery and Connection

Diving into the crux of the matter, the discovery phase was unpacked as a vital part of the customer-centric approach to sales. The duo emphasized the use of open-ended and range questions to facilitate a comfortable space for clients, encouraging them to divulge their preferences and concerns. This phase was likened to treating the buyers as honored guests, ushering in a sense of warmth and hospitality, urging the salespeople to break free from scripted dialogues, and fostering genuine conversations with prospective homeowners.

Phase Two: Demonstration and Personalization

Moving ahead, the art of demonstrating the home took center stage. The session touched upon the FBI (Feature-Benefit-Involvement) strategy, a cornerstone for effective sales. Here, potential homeowners were not just shown around the home but were guided to envision the benefits that align with their individual preferences, painting a personalized canvas for them to see. Through involvement questions, the buyers become a part of a narrative, forging a deeper connection with the space.

Phase Three: Growth, Legacy, and Mastery

As the conversation unraveled further, there was an accent on professional growth, focusing on learning from mistakes and carving a legacy through customer success. The experts delved into the intrinsic details of the sales journey, from engaging the buyers effectively during demonstrations to understanding the practical applications of various features while emphasizing a focus on the buyer’s experiences over personal gains.

Phase Four: Navigating the Market Realities

Roland and Kimberly acknowledged the current market dynamics, debunking common misconceptions about waiting for the “right time” to invest. The “closing as you go” strategy was discussed as an effective technique to address potential objections step by step, rather than in a heap, towards the end.

Phase Five: Empowerment through Knowledge

The final segment underscored the pivotal role of sales managers in empowering their teams with market insights and facilitating training through role-playing and video shop reviews. This section guided sales managers, encouraging them to nurture talent proactively and foster a culture of continuous learning and growth, gearing the team for success.

Sculpting Future Leaders: A Call to Action

Kimberly shared an inspiring snippet from her journey as the session winded down, urging leaders to be field-oriented. Roland agreed and encouraged sales leaders to cultivate structured habits, drawing inspiration from James Clear’s “Atomic Habits”. The discussion moved to the significance of cultivating a “bench”, a reservoir of well-trained individuals ready to rise to the occasion as and when needed. She reflected on the meticulous training and nurturing of talents to form a team that stands resilient in the face of changing market dynamics.

In Conclusion: The Journey of Learning and Growing

In the heartwarming conclusion of this enriching session, the veterans emphasized the exciting road ahead for new talents, fostering a spirit of learning and adaptation in the ever-evolving landscape of new home sales.

The “Head-to-Head” session with Kimberly Mackey and Roland Nairnsey wasn’t just a conversation but a narrative weaving through the nuances of sales and leadership, a rich tapestry offering insights and strategies, coupled with real-time adaptations for thriving in the dynamic 2023 housing market. It was a call to empathize, to grow, and to lead with understanding and wisdom in the pursuit of sculpting a fulfilling and successful sales career.

Head-to-Head is not a podcast or a webinar. It is a live conversation that happens only six times per year between Kimberly Mackey and thought-leaders in our industry. Don’t miss out, register to attend all of them–even if you can’t make it, we’ll send you the recording. Learn more, register to attend upcoming events, and catch up on past episodes by visiting NewHomesSolutions.com/head-to-head.


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