Head to Head: Create a Realtor VIP Program That Won’t Drive You Crazy

Head to Head: Create a Realtor VIP Program That Won’t Drive You Crazy

In this edition of Head-to-Head, Kimberly Mackey is joined by Russ Laggan, the Senior Regional Director of Growth for eXp Realty, LLC. The discussion aims to show how builders and general real estate can partner successfully to create a terrific customer experience for their buyers. But wait, there is more…much more. You will love our objection handlers if you struggle to overcome objections regarding current prices and interest rates. That is just one example of the juicy tidbits we packed into this episode. Grab those earbuds and settle in with something to use to take notes. *The video has links to all the resources we mention, so if you usually listen in, you are probably going to want to watch this one.

Key Points Discussed:

Real Estate Agent and Builder Relationships: A significant portion of the discussion centered around the dynamics between real estate agents and builders. Both speakers stressed the importance of building relationships and understanding each other’s roles. They highlighted how agents often fear engaging with new home sales due to a lack of knowledge about compensation and processes.

Educating Agents: The conversation underscored the importance of educating real estate agents about builders’ processes and products. This education can empower agents to partner with builders and confidently serve their clients.

Communication is Key: Both Mackey and Laggan emphasized that effective communication is crucial. Builders should regularly update agents on the progress of construction and any changes, ensuring transparency and trust.

Creating a VIP Realtor Program: The main focus was on creating a Realtor VIP program that is both effective and manageable. They discussed the importance of understanding what realtors need and ensuring clear communication. By understanding realtors’ expectations and fears, builders can design programs that are mutually beneficial.

Fear and Misunderstanding as Barriers: One of the barriers to successful collaboration identified was fear, often stemming from misunderstanding or lack of information. Overcoming these fears through education and clear policies can help build stronger, more productive relationships.

Importance of Personal Touch: Both speakers agreed on the power of personal gestures, like handwritten notes or small gifts, in strengthening business relationships. These small acts can significantly impact building long-lasting connections, but consistency is key.

Future Trends and Advice: The conversation also touched upon future trends in the real estate market, with a focus on the importance of staying informed and adaptable. They advised agents and builders to keep up with market changes and technological advancements to remain competitive and effective. There are lots of objection handlers and resources to use to stay ahead of market conditions.

In conclusion, the “Head-to-Head” event with Kimberly Mackey and Russ Laggan provided valuable insights into building successful Realtor VIP programs and fostering productive relationships between real estate agents and builders. The key takeaway was the importance of education, communication, and consistent personal connection in creating programs that benefit all parties involved.

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