Head-to-Head: Change is Hard…You Go First with Chad Sanschagrin

Head-to-Head: Change is Hard…You Go First with Chad Sanschagrin

Have you ever found yourself caught in the vicious cycle of self-doubt and negative self-talk, unable to push through your limitations? Then the latest episode of “Head-to-Head” is a must-watch for you! Featuring insightful conversations with Kimberly Mackey, the passionate founder of New Homes Solutions Consulting, and Chad Sanschagrin, the relentless founder of Cannonball Moments, this dynamic duo will inspire and empower you to take control of your life and spark the change you seek.

The discussion, aptly titled “Change is Hard…You Go First,” encapsulates the essence of their own experiences with personal transformation, their battles against adversity, and their journey toward finding fulfillment through contribution. Mackey, an industry newbie turned successful Management Consultant, and Sanschagrin, a former hotel manager turned sales trainer, serve as vibrant examples of embracing change, even when it’s hard. Their stories teach us that these challenges often lead to the most significant growth and transformation.

During their conversation, Mackey and Sanschagrin also delve deep into the concept of ‘programming’, exploring how our ingrained attitudes and beliefs shape our thought patterns. They throw light on how narratives, often negative or self-defeating, are adopted from our upbringing and life experiences, emphasizing the importance of challenging these narratives and transforming our negative self-talk into a positive dialogue.

A noteworthy highlight of this dialogue is Sanschagrin’s own transformation journey – a powerful tale of growth that involves overcoming a victim mentality, learning the power of self-belief, and shifting to a survivor mentality. A poignant moment comes when he speaks about a personal health condition and the necessity of patience and grace during recovery. His emphasis on celebrating small victories and reframing setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning serves as key takeaways for all listeners.

As our guide through the complex world of sales, Sanschagrin proposes an intriguing paradigm shift. He suggests focusing on the behaviors leading to outcomes rather than the outcomes themselves, advocating a focus on elements we can control to avoid an emotional roller coaster. This refreshing perspective certainly makes for a compelling argument to tune into the episode.

The conversation later evolves into a critical point about achievement versus becoming. Rather than focusing on numeric targets or specific milestones, Sanschagrin prompts us to ask, “Who do I want to become?” This change in perspective encourages us to aim for constant self-improvement and derive long-term fulfillment rather than seeking temporary satisfaction from achievements.

Wrapping up this enlightening dialogue, Mackey and Sanschagrin return to the importance of learning from failures and embracing the power of change. Their insights lead to one clear conclusion: to truly achieve success and fulfillment, we must first embark on the challenging yet rewarding journey of personal growth and self-discovery.

This in-depth discussion promises to be an eye-opening journey for anyone struggling with self-doubt, self-belief or even someone simply seeking inspiration for their personal or professional lives. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to learn from the experiences of these successful professionals and explore strategies for personal growth, resilience, and success. So, get ready to dive headfirst into change and transformation – because, after all, change is hard, so you go first!

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