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Is your sales team consistently driving the required sales month after month? Have they been able to adapt to the new reality in which we find ourselves? Are you and your teams prepared to strategically position and market your communities to achieve the desired sales results consistently and profitability? If not, let’s talk. Our systems make it easy to keep your team focused and on track in today’s market and beyond.

You deserve to work with the team that understands the unique challenges you face every day. New Homes Solutions Consulting founder, Kimberly Mackey, is a seasoned veteran from the Home Building Industry. She has over 20 years’ experience in multiple disciplines and leadership within the building company. That experience and expertise set us apart. Because we come from the building world, we understand the unique challenges you face every day. We help you to maximize your team’s talents, propel their careers, and increase their incomes. We specialize in three areas:

  1. WE CONSULT WITH BUILDERS AND DEVELOPERS to maximize your sales programs while enhancing operational efficiencies within your customer experience funnel.
  2. WE OFFER SALES LEADERSHIP TRAINING, COACHING & RETREATS AND SALES TRAINING BOOT CAMPS, ON-GOING TRAINING or RALLIES to equip your teams with the skills and tools necessary to drive consistent sales results, regardless of market conditions. Sales should be the engine that drives the train, not what runs it off the tracks. *Ask how we can bring these programs to you virtually until it is safe to travel again.
  3. WE OFFER ONE-ON-ONE COACHING for the Sales Leaders and Sales Members on your team, giving the direction, support, and accountability necessary to empower them to drive consistent and profitable sales week after week.

WE KNOW THERE IS NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL approach. Our systems are scalable and replicable for any size building company because we recognize that each company is different. We believe that your unique company qualities must shine through. We work with you, learn about YOU, and leverage your strengths so you can take your business to the next level. CONTACT US TODAY to schedule your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION and take the first step toward discovering how to reach your company’s full potential.