We have a mostly experienced sales team, as most people know the experienced agents NEVER want “training”. Kimberly’s unique style of coaching our team had everyone participating and wanting more. Our agents trained with Kimberly on their days off and everyone said it was time well spent. I am an experienced coach and trainer but I’m smart enough to realize that sometimes an outside voice can really have a positive impact on the team. My team has set back to back monthly sales records since Kimberly’s visit. I highly recommend that before you call anyone else you call Kimberly and her team.

Bill Panebianco
Pratt Homes –Vice-president Sales and Marketing

Kimberly Mackey has been a key part of our Sales and Marketing for close to two (2) years. When she came on with our company, I had a Sales and Marketing Director that had been with us for close to 30 years. She completely turned our Sales Program around and taught our Sales Director what is needed to develop a SuperBowl Championship Sales Team and Program. Kimberly is a tremendously Organized, Structured, Focused, Passionate, Committed, Skilled, Talented and Detail Oriented person with a complete understanding of what is needed to produce a winning sales team. I cannot say enough about what she has taught my sales staff about what it takes to be successful and to be able to hit your goals. She removed their complaints about no traffic by instructing them on Her 10-5-2-1 System that requires them to “Make it Happen, Not Wait for it to Happen.” I strongly recommend Kimberly Mackey!!!!! She is Fantabulous!!!!!!!

Bernie Iaconvangelo
Faber Homes –President

I wanted to take a moment to comment about the great training opportunity that I experienced recently. I just earned my New Home Specialist Certification through Kimberly Mackey’s week long course. Kimberly turned what I expected to be an exercise in order to earn an extra 1% on new home sales into a true educational experience. Kim’s knowledge, along with her ability to convey what she knows, is phenomenal! I was also pleasantly surprised that Kimberly found a way to make this class equally valuable to both newcomers to the business and to veterans, like myself, with 17 years of industry experience. I can honestly say that I came away from this class in a better position to serve my clients and to make more sales in a shorter amount of time. I would encourage anyone who has not already done so to take this class! Thank you (Berkshire Hathaway) for making Kimberly available to me.

Steve Himes
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Properties Group

I attended the New Homes Specialist training last year when I was a brand new REALTOR®. It was a great educational experience then. Last week, I came back and spent another couple of days in the training as a refresher and it was even better. I got so much more out of it having experience in the business. I am able to apply the learning to actual situations. I absolutely recommend this program to everyone no matter where they are in their real estate career!

Bethany Mis
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Properties Group

I have received training with Kimberly Mackey for over a year. I attended her famous Boot Camp and received one on one training with her as well. I learned more about home sales the first day of Boot Camp then I ever learned in the past. During her one on ones with me, she helped me dissect my traffic units and turn them into buyers with a whole new way of thinking. Her “Planned Encounters” guided me through many sales and helped me create traffic during the times when traffic was slow. She jump started my career! Want to sell more? Use her and you will not regret it.

Raelyn Kaminski
Faber Homes –Sales and Marketing

Kimberly has made a wonderful contribution to our company and it has resulted in increased sales.  Kimberly’s attention to details and understanding of our custom home product and place in the market has helped our company make necessary changes to keep us competitive in a changing environment.  Kimberly has been effective in working with our sales team through the implementation of sales processes and actual sales training.  Our sales staff has increased in confidence and effectiveness as a result of Kimberly’s personalized and systematized sales approach.  Kimberly comes prepared and her enthusiasm for new homes sales is contagious.

Mike Ryan
Samuelsen Builders, Inc. –Sales Manager

We hired Kimberly in mid-2010 and had her implement a series of sales training sessions with our sales team that included a weekly group session with individual follow-up training with each sales rep at their model locations. We found her to be very detailed and provided creative input on how our reps could cultivate their own traffic. I would highly recommend Kimberly to any company looking to get back to basics and improve sales performance.

Jeffrey D. Thorson
William Ryan Homes-Division President

Kimberly Mackey is a proven leader in our industry. She doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk by providing REAL WORLD SOLUTIONS to today’s challenges for builders and brokerages.

Myers Barnes
Myers Barnes Associates, Inc.

Kimberly’s energy and boundless enthusiasm for her work is unparalleled. She works tirelessly in order to achieve her clients’ goals. Perhaps most refreshing — besides her unwavering ‘can do’ attitude — is that she is true to her word. When she commits to a project rest assured it will be done.

Linde Hyder
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Properties Group-Director of Marketing and Communications

Kimberly has been incredible to work with. Over the past couple of years here in Tampa, she has provided invaluable advice and a variety of educational/motivational services for our Sales Team at Inland Homes®.  She is dependable, trustworthy and really stays on the cutting edge.

John Weston
Inland Homes® -President at IH Central Florida, LLC

I personally chose Kimberly to be a presenter at my event because of her industry knowledge and skills, and she is REAL. There are far too many people trotting around attempting to be experts who have very little provable experience, depth, and solutions to today’s homebuilder challenges….Kimberly is the REAL DEAL!

Bob Schultz
The New Home Specialists (SM)

Kimberly has been a dynamic addition to our company as Director of Builder Relations. She is enthusiastic, energetic, and eager to assist our sales executives increase their knowledge and improve their productivity. Her positive attitude is truly addictive!

Dawn Kay
Berkshire Hathaway HomeService Florida Properties Group-Manager Liaison

Kimberly is a true motivator. She has a thorough understanding of the sales process and has helped many of our sales associates achieve higher success. She is a true asset to any organization.

Felix Blanco
Lennar Homes-Former Vice-president of Sales

Kimberly is an amazing sales trainer and speaker. I attended her New Homes Specialist training in 2014 and learned so much from her in just a few short days. I highly recommend ANY training she offers. Kimberly is a consummate professional and brings years of expertise in New Home Construction, Sales Training, and Marketing. I am so fortunate to be able to continue learning from her as a member of the BHHS New Homes Masterminds group.

Susan Manning
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Properties Group

Kimberly Mackey has a talent for blending aggressive sales skills with extraordinary customer service. Her versatility allows training of new and seasoned sales professionals alike. Kimberly inspires empowerment and self-driven results in sales staff. Her vast expertise allows any training experience to be a cut above the norm.

Jim & Nancy Ward
Keller Williams Tampa Properties-Investors/Owners

Kimberly’s seminars are simultaneously informative and enjoyable. Her relaxed education style actually promotes class participation, questions and interactions. We’ve had Kimberly present two social media seminars to our sales force and saw surprisingly quick results! Kimberly’s strength is reigning in a subject as daunting and, for many people, intimidating as the emerging social networking media and paring it down to terms we can use in our business and personal lives.

JC Gatlin
Inland Homes®- Lean Home Building Logistics

If I knew even one 100th of what Kimberly knows about new home construction and real estate, I’d consider myself knowledgeable! As a 2014 graduate of Kimberly’s New Homes Specialist class, I feel fortunate to have amassed such quality tools for my real estate toolkit. The information I learned in class has been invaluable for selling “used” homes as well. Kimberly is an energetic and passionate instructor and a delight to interact with.

Krista Adams
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Properties Group

Kimberly has a genuine passion for and knowledge of the new home sales process and what it takes to sell homes. Her experience in building strong and successful sales teams speaks volumes about her ability to train and coach her students to the next level and beyond.

Suzanne Neff
Suzanne Neff and Associates, LLC-Principal

Kimberly has a great way of getting people motivated to learn. She puts her heart and soul into giving all the tools needed to turn anyone into a great new home salesperson. I always loved and looked forward to her training sessions.

Donna Ciarlone
Ashton Woods Homes-Sales Consultant

Kimberly got the crowd going at Secrets of Becoming A Master Networker held by the Naples Area Board of Realtors. It was a sold out event that brought in both new agents as well as many experienced agents, she brought new ideas to the table and reminded us of the basics. Excellent job Kimberly, thank you for all you did, it was a great success.

Terrilyn VanGorder
Education Chair Naples Area Board of REALTORS®
Broker Associate, John R. Woods Properties

I was fortunate enough to start my career in new home sales with Kimberly as my sales manager. Her training has certainly attributed to my success and her innovative ideas motivate. I think her experience and passion are evident which gives her an advantage over most trainers in this or any field.

Heather Jaxheimer, CSP
Ryland Homes-Sales Consultant

Kimberly has the unique ability to encourage and motivate sales agents by making them feel they are part of the team. That’s not as easy as it sounds. She is genuinely driven to make sure all who work with her, succeed in every possible way.

John Arrington
Lennar Homes-New Home Consultant

Kimberly has been a dynamic addition to our company as Director of Builder Relations. She is enthusiastic, energetic, and eager to assist our sales executives increase their knowledge and improve their productivity. Her positive attitude is truly addictive!

Dawn Kay
Education & Training Director, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Properties Group

Kimberly is the real deal. She gets the job done. If you want to have the expertise of a real pro this is the one to hire. I have worked with her directly and am always impressed with her work ethic, drive, and passion. A true professional and very successful person I am glad to have worked with.

Russell Laggan, Carrington Real Estate Services

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Kimberly at Richmond American Homes. She took a strong, results-oriented approach and was truly dedicated to improving our bottom line. Her commitment combined with her creative solutions, greatly improved our revenue in an extremely challenging market.

Andrew Norgart
President, Norgart Land Ventures, LLC

Thank you Kimberly for the great program you provided for our Orlando, Tampa, and Ocala sales teams. It provided them with a perspective that many didn’t have prior to this training. I saw many light bulbs go on. Essential to good training is group participation. Your class elicited that in great volume. Many raised their hands to answer questions and participate in front of peers. Beyond the class, our team has taken the knowledge and applied it, with powerful success. One realtor presentation produced 5 appointments. From an office that had previously produced a total of 1 appointment from 10 presentations. You ‘get it’ and it is good to see you helping others get it.

Mike Finley
General Sales Manager
Pulte Group

 Kimberly is a well prepared speaker and consultant who does a great job catering the content to her client’s needs. She works successfully both one on one and with larger groups. She also works well with Management and front line Teammates specializing in the sales arena.

Ben Walters
Project Manager
Dockstreet Communities

I had the pleasure of working with Kimberly Mackey for a number of months at our Milwaukee Division. Kimberly’s expertise in New Home Construction is very deep and multifaceted. From Sales Training to Marketing, Kimberly provided the tools, insight and tutelage which enabled me to operate at a very high level at William Ryan Homes. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Kimberly and New Homes Solutions to any builder; in any market; who endeavors becoming a top producing company.

Paul Ochtrup
Internet Sales Representative at William Ryan Homes