Are you a Ready, Willing, and Able Seller?

Are you a Ready, Willing, and Able Seller?

In the new home sales business, we like to classify our prospects based on degrees of whether or not they are Ready, Willing, or Able. The best prospects are, of course, all three. But I think it is high time we take a step back and look at the converse of this practice. Are you a Ready, Willing, and Able Seller?

Now, if I just ask you that question out right your answer will certainly be, “well of course I am Ready, Willing and Able.” But let’s examine this a bit more closely—beyond just what we think. Let’s look at this from the customer’s perspective:

The READY SELLER has their model centers open and staffed with motivated, knowledgeable and professional sales persons 7 days per week. Their hours are posted, and are hopefully adjusted to meet the needs of their prospective buyers. The READY seller has a system in place to ensure that phone calls are answered in a timely, professional and courteous manner even when the on-site agent is with another customer out on site. The READY SELLER has follow-up systems in place and is holding their team accountable. The READY SELLER has someone available 24/7 to help the on-site agent with any challenges they might encounter or any negotiations that might need to be facilitated in order to close the sale without any delay to the buyer.

The WILLING SELLER has taken the time to ensure that they only have the best of the best representing them in their sales centers. They have their agents mystery shopped so they are sure that each agent is Meeting and Greeting, Discovering (Wants, Needs and Finances), Demonstrating (not only the model but the community, the amenities, and the available inventory homes), Overcoming Objections, Asking for the Sale, Following-Up and Following-Thru! The WILLING SELLER has a sales management team who understands the importance of being out in the field at least 80% of the time in order to help, coach and mentor their team to keep them on task and motivated.

The ABLE SELLER is currently investing in their company by building the greatest sales force they can. The ABLE SELLER has sales managers who not only have business acumen, but sales experience themselves, and are constantly investing in their own self-improvement for the betterment of the sales team. The ABLE SELLER knows that every prospect is valuable whether they can buy today or next month or 6 months from now and employs sales professionals who view it as their ethical duty to the company, the customer and themselves to follow-up and follow-thru. The ABLE SELLER ensures that everyone in their company understands that we all in customer service.

Thankfully the recession is behind us. Now is the time to move on, to rebuild and remove our proverbial heads out from the sand so that we don’t relive the things that got us there to start with! Let’s don’t get complacent as the market comes back, instead let’s get back to doing the things that we know we need to do to be successful.
“The worst that happens to you can be the best thing for you, if you don’t let it get the best of you.”—Unknown.
“Successful people do the things that failures refuse to do.”—Anthony Robbins.
I can’t wait to visit your model center soon to find out that YOU ARE A READY, WILLING, AND ABLE SELLER!

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