Welcome to New Homes Solutions!

Welcome to New Homes Solutions!

Well, I finally did it! I have officially changed my company’s name….and I am proud to introduce you to New Homes Solutions! This process has been over a year in the making. There were so many pieces that needed to be put together before I could officially launch New Homes Solutions. There were logos to create, websites to build, social media pages to be updated, and on and on. It was a tiresome yet exhilarating process! And now, it is finally complete!

Now, some would ask….’Kimberly, WHY would you change your company name? Creative Sales Solutions was a great name!’

Indeed it was. The operative word here being ‘WAS’. The home building industry has changed significantly since I launched Creative Sales Solutions in 2007.  We’ve gone through many ups and downs, and happily, things are now heading in the upwards direction again! It’s because of all this industry ‘roller-coasting’ that I decided the time was right to make the change. I wanted my company name to be specific to my services and areas of expertise. I wanted it to be laser-focused!

My core services (speaking, training, and consulting) are all focused on providing solutions to the new home building industry. I am passionate about providing these solutions to home builders. I wanted my company name to reflect that in a way that left nothing to the imagination. It’s what I do and I am proud of it.

Now, while the company name and look may have changed, one thing remains the same….my commitment to the home building industry. It is an honor for me to work with such a group of professionals who are also passionate about what they do. I am excited about the future!

New Homes Solutions is here to provide you with original new tools, powerful resources and proven solutions that will maximize your sales performance and increase your bottom line. It is what I have been doing for more than 20 years! If I can assist you in any way, please give me a call. New Homes Solutions is committed to providing Sales and Managment Solutions that you need right now.

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