Sales and Marketing Power Hour: It’s Time to Turn Up the Tech

Sales and Marketing Power Hour: It’s Time to Turn Up the Tech

In today’s homebuilding industry, using technology effectively is essential rather than just an option. The latest Sales and Marketing Power Hour hosted by Carol Morgan and Kimberly Mackey brought together a panel of experts to discuss why builders need to leverage technology well.

The panel included Monica Wheaton from ECI Solutions and Beth Byrd of Beacon Homes. They talked about the many ways technology can improve operations, provide better customer experiences, and drive sustainable business growth.

Meeting buyers where they are is crucial for your success. Beth Byrd emphasized that today’s homebuyers expect fast, personalized communication and easy access to information. Using tools like interactive site maps, visualization tools, and online design centers allows buyers to explore the homebuying process on their own terms.

“If we don’t give them tools to explore our homes from home, they’ll just go look at other builders’ sites that do provide those tools,” said Byrd. Providing engaging, user-friendly platforms is critical.

Monica Wheaton agreed, stressing the importance of making decisions based on data. She shared an example of a builder who increased their option sales significantly after analyzing buyer preferences captured through their online design center to optimize their offerings.

However, Kimberly Mackey pointed out that even great marketing cannot compensate for inefficient processes. “The best marketing can’t fix a bad process,” she said, advocating for aligning technology with streamlined operations.

The panel discussed common challenges, such as sales team resistance and the temptation to implement new tech without fully using existing systems. Carol Morgan emphasized auditing current systems, identifying redundancies, and maximizing investments before adding new tools.

The overarching message was that technology alone isn’t a magic solution, but can be powerful when thoughtfully implemented with a clear vision. As Mackey stated, “If you’re a sales leader, you use it too.” Leading by example and fostering continuous improvement are key to successful tech integration.

For an industry sometimes seen as behind on innovation, this Power Hour was a call for builders to embrace technology as a way to redefine success. Builders can meet and exceed modern homebuyer expectations by leveraging the right tools, data-driven insights, and customer-centric approaches.

The Sales and Marketing Power Hour is a bi-monthly live event and you are invited to participate in the conversations. Our next SMPH is a special edition. We are joining with the Homebuilders Digital Marketing Podcast for a “crossover” edition. Half of the conversation will be on SMPH and the other half on DMP. Our topic is one near and dear to all of us, “Who’s Job Is It? Sales or Marketing” Mark your calendar now to join us live on June 5, 2024, at Noon ET.

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