Video: Do You Have An Abundance Mentality?

Video: Do You Have An Abundance Mentality?

Today, I’d like to ask you, do you have an abundance mentality or a scarcity mentality? Perhaps you have both at different times? For those of you with whom I have had the privilege of training or coaching, you have often heard me refer to these concepts.  Those who have an abundance mentality, focus on what they have, rather than what they don’t have, or even don’t have yet.  The abundance camp folks are genuinely happy for their team mate when they get a sale and think, if they can do it, I can too. I better get focused!  These are the people who don’t get stressed out worrying that there won’t be enough of something to go around. Abundance people are Proactive and have an attitude of gratitude. In fact, they actively seek things to be grateful for.

Conversely, those with a scarcity mentality react to events around them. If a team mate gets a sale, they think that is one less for them to get. Scarcity folks will rationalize that something was unfair to them and that their team mate had some sort of advantage that they didn’t have and that is why the team mate got the sale, for instance. These are the folks who are always focused on what they don’t have and what they perceive others to have. You see, for them it is a zero-sum game. If you have something, that must mean that I am left out and can’t have it kind of philosophy.

Now I would bet it is fair to say that if I were to ask you, you would tell me you have an abundance mentality most of the time. Right? Odds are, if you are listening to this video, you probably do. Because abundance people like to grow and therefore constantly put good stuff in so they can give good stuff in return. With that being said though, let me share with you what I witnessed and let’s explore whether these behaviors were Abundance or Scarcity in nature.

The first situation was one in which a sales person, who has had trouble driving traffic to her sales office was given a chance to participate in an event and represent her company. This same sales person frequently laments to her manager that other offices have an advantage over her because they get more traffic. When given this opportunity, the reaction of this sales person was to complain that it required her to come in on her day off, and “it probably wouldn’t be that good anyway and besides, she didn’t feel well.” What do you think? Abundance or Scarcity? If you said scarcity, you would be right. Comparing to others and focusing on what one doesn’t have is a primary characteristic of scarcity mentality.  But what about her reaction? I mean, wouldn’t it stand to reason that is one feels disadvantaged that one would take advantage of an opportunity being given to them? Sadly, the answer is usually not. You see, scarcity mentality leads to a self-fulling prophecy. It becomes more about the complaining and those who are too far down this path wouldn’t recognize or take advantage of an opportunity if it showed up with a bouquet of flowers announcing itself. Because this is not where their focus is, they can’t see it.

Here is the next situation. Remember I said I am at a convention. At this convention, there is some serious 1st class training going on. It is so inspirational to hear many of these speakers! I am here for meetings, but while here I am certainly taking advantage of the training opportunities.  Anyway, so today I attended a 2.5-hour seminar taught by Don Tennessen of the Ninja Selling Organization. It was extremely well done. I took over 5 pages of notes! As I was leaving the session and riding the escalator back down to the main floor with my fellow attendees, I overheard several conversations that almost made me question whether we had been in the same room together for the last 2.5 hours. Most of what I heard, was like my reaction and those folks were discussing specific things they were going to implement immediately upon their return from the convention. However, one very loud attendee complained to anyone within earshot that she didn’t appreciate the speaker responding to a question from the audience that time didn’t permit him to go into further details on a particular subject (one that was slightly off topic anyway), but that in the 4 day version of his training, he spent a lot of time on that subject. This particular student felt that she had paid her convention registration fee and that the speaker should have given them any and all information that would normally be presented in that 4 day session. So what do you think? Abundance or Scarcity mentality? Yes, again when one focuses on what one doesn’t have rather than looking for those golden nuggets of wisdom that represented opportunity, that is scarcity mentality. The irony of this particular situation is that the speaker discussed Abundance vs. Scarcity mentality as part of his presentation as well.

Lastly though, let me leave you with this scenario I was able to witness today. I ran into one of trainees today.  She was sharing with me about her success since I last saw her, and it was quite impressive! We then talked about all the award winners that were being recognized on the big stage. Her response was to tell me how exciting that was and how it showed her not to rest on what she had felt to be a very successful year because if they could do it, she could too! She also told me she does a great deal of referral business and she came to meet some of her fellow agents, from across the country face to face to build a relationship and not just be an email from someone across the county. Again, what do you think? Abundance or scarcity? If you said, abundance you are 100% correct. Of these 3, who do you think will be successful at achieving their goals? It’s a no brainer, right?

Every day you get a choice of attitude. You get to choose whether you will have an abundance mentality or a scarcity mentality. In fact, you get to choose this multiple times, all day long. I truly believe you get what you are looking for.  Even the Bible tells us to “Seek and ye shall find.” So be careful what you are looking for. Make sure, whatever it is, that it is worthy of your attention and leads to a life of abundance. Thank you so much for spending some time with me today. I hope you found it worthwhile. I also hope you will share your thoughts in the comments below. I love to hear and learn from you!

Kimberly Mackey is the founder of New Homes Solutions, and has reputation as someone with real world SOLUTIONS in a competitive and rapidly changing sales environment–SOLUTIONS like “50 Sales per Year before Any Walk-in Traffic”. She is a keynote speaker and published author of many Sales and Leadership articles with 20 years of experience as an executive in the residential home building and real estate industry. She has a proven track record working with Builders and Developers of all sizes –from the local/regional companies to the publicly traded nationals. She also works with Brokers from across the country and is the architect and director of the highly successful Preferred Builder Partnership program with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Properties Group where she works with 32 builders and over 600 agents.

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