Take Stock in 2016 in order to Make 2017 Count

Take Stock in 2016 in order to Make 2017 Count

by Suzanne Neff

WOW!  Here we are at the end of 2016, and the opportunity to look back on our accomplishments and to look forward to 2017.

As you re-visit 2016, I suggest you make a list (for those of you who know me I am big into making lists) of all your achievements and the good things that happened to and for you in 2016, write down even the smallest thoughts that come to mind. Once you start writing I am sure the list will grow quickly. The list should consist of the successes you enjoyed, not only at work but also in your personal life. Think of all the accomplishments and breaks that came your way and the people who contributed.  This is also the perfect time to write thank you notes, or make impromptu “thank you calls” to let people know how much you appreciated their help and support this year; and to wish them well in the upcoming year.

Now, start planning those good things that are going to happen in 2017, some like to call this setting goals. I have had people tell me “I don’t set goals, I just go with the flow” which is OK. But my question is, “when you start on a road trip to someplace you have never been or to unfamiliar territory, don’t you at least set the GPS or google the location to get you started?”  The same holds true with a new year, maybe you don’t set goals, but you at least need a plan of what you are hoping to accomplish, how you are hoping to get there, and who can help you on your journey.  Call it goal setting, or just “making a plan”, the important thing is to have them and have them in writing where you can see them.

This plan doesn’t have to be lengthy or involved.  Just some quick notes. By writing down your ideas and plans, they come to life and you can refer to them from time to time.  Find yourself an accountability buddy, sales coach or perhaps your sales manager to discuss your plans regularly with and set appointments for check-ups with this person.  As we all know, life happens and we may need to adjust our plan throughout the year but that’s OK; make the adjustment and move forward.

Remember, the new year is ahead with so many exciting opportunities!  It is up to you to keep the right attitude and look for the silver-lining in every cloud.  They are there!

The Ten Most Important Two-Letter Words:  “If it is to be, it’s up to me!”

All the Best to you in 2017!!

As the author of, New Home Sales The Basics and the Magic, Suzanne Neff is a proven leader in the New Home Sales arena. With over 3 decades of experience ranging from successful on-site sales professional of a large regional builder to Regional Vice-president for a national, publicly traded builder, Suzanne has walked far more than a mile in the builder’s shoes. She continues to work with builders, developers and brokerages of all sizes to support and train their sales teams, empower their sales management leaders and guide them toward success. As a former Division President, she has a clear understanding of how all the parts of the building company must come together to create the whole to outperform the competition. Suzanne has been very active in the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association and the Washington Metro Sales and Marketing Council along with the Northern Virginia Board of REALTORS®, where she developed a New Home Sales training curriculum to help REALTORS® to incorporate new home sales into their general real estates businesses. She is currently serving on the Board of Directors for Dress for Success Tampa Bay.

It is with great pride and pleasure that New Homes Solutions Consulting announced Suzanne Neff as a partner in 2016. Founder, Kimberly Mackey says, “Suzanne Neff is someone I have known and respected since we worked together at a large publicly traded builder back in 2006. Suzanne’s love of this industry and the people within it is clear to anyone who spends but a few minutes with her. Her calm, focused demeanor are a great compliment and support to our clients who face uncertainty in a rapidly changing environment and the hands-on expertise she brings to the table is unparalleled in our field. I am thrilled an honored to have her onboard.” You can learn more about Suzanne by visiting:  www.newhomessolutions.com/about-us .

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