Head-to-Head: Creating the ULTIMATE Online Sales/On-site Sales TEAM with Mike Lyon

Head-to-Head: Creating the ULTIMATE Online Sales/On-site Sales TEAM with Mike Lyon

On August 10, 2021, the one and only Mike Lyon, from Do You Convert stopped by as Kimberly Mackey’s guest on Head-to-Head. The mission: “CREATING THE ULTIMATE Online Sales Counselor (OSC)/ON-SITE Sales TEAM. No matter how you slice it, the parts have to add up to the whole. Mike and Kimberly break it down to give you the skinny from the online sales counselor position all the way through to the hand-off to the sales team. If you want to create a great Customer Experience (CX), it is all in how you handle the baton as you transition. Don’t drop the baton!

Every month or so, Kimberly Mackey sits down with top industry leaders and masterminds to have an in-depth discussion on the hot topics related to building your business, managing your pipeline, technology trends, sales and sales processes, and anything related to the overall customer experience.

Not a webinar, not a podcast, just head to head, no holds barred discussions, where you can participate and get the answers to the questions you have about the evolution of new home sales and the homebuilding industry. This is your opportunity to be more than a fly on the wall when two industry masterminds get together!

You can register for one or for all of them so that you never miss out on whoever is “dropping by” and the hot topics we will cover. Live viewing is the way to go for these so that you can interact and get your questions addressed; however, we will record them if you have to miss one or two, you can still watch the recording. For more information or to register for future Head-to Head events, please visit: https://NewHomesSolutions.com/Head-toHead

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