Lasso CRM: Top New Home Sales Tips for 2023–Lead from the Side

Lasso CRM: Top New Home Sales Tips for 2023–Lead from the Side

Every year, Lasso CRM reaches out to the influencers in our industry to ask them to contribute their best advice on what we have learned and what we should apply going forward into the new year. I am always honored to be included in this article. This year, my advice is about the need to Lead from the Side.

As 2023 approaches and the market continues to “normalize,” the concepts of leadership and how to lead are more critical than ever. Our sales teams are currently in a state of shock. The proverbial rug was pulled out from under them, and they were unsure what to do next. Leadership is not something we do to our teams; it is something we do with our teams. An analogy I like to use is a lesson I learned from my 1,100-pound horse. Trying to force a horse to do something often becomes a battle of wills, and I will lose—EVERY TIME. I can’t pull him to get him to walk forward and can’t push him without the risk of being kicked. I can walk beside him, and when he knows I am there with him, he is more than happy to go along with me. We can also learn a lot about leadership from this approach with our teams. When you walk with your team, and they feel supported and know that you are there beside them, you get better results.

Get out in the field. Spend time with your team members each week to support them, brainstorm with them, and make it safe for them to perform the activities we know it takes to drive the traffic they need. Then, and only then, will they listen to your advice on improving their sales skills and be open to the training and education they need to thrive in any market. While you are with them, giving them suggestions, please don’t assume they know how to do what you are suggesting. For instance, we tell our teams to meet general real estate agents, but is that enough? Those salespeople who haven’t been in new home sales for more than 10 years have never had to do these activities before. They need you to go with them and show them how to do it correctly. Spend time in your sales meetings and one-on-one with role plays to teach them the skills they need to thrive. Don’t hesitate to bring in trainers with different perspectives and techniques to support your efforts. When we all lead from the side, we get through the steps and skills we need to succeed as a team in this and every market.

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