Head-to-Head: Back to the Future with Bob Schultz

Head-to-Head: Back to the Future with Bob Schultz


While most sales and marketing people in the home building industry today probably haven’t been in the business long enough to have gone through some of the crazy swings this industry is known for, Bob Schultz has definitely been there and done that.

In this edition of Head-to-Head, industry experts Bob Schultz and Kimberly Mackey share their experiences and insights into the homebuilding industry. They discuss homebuilders’ challenges in the current market and stress the importance of staying vigilant and prepared for economic downturns. They suggest measuring and tracking various indicators to predict market shifts, such as interest rates, inflation, employment, and unemployment.

The speakers emphasize the importance of training and preparing sales and marketing teams for market fluctuations. They recommend using role-playing and mystery video shops to improve communication skills and focus on active listening rather than a sales pitch to foster genuine customer connections.

Bob and Kimberly also highlight the importance of establishing rapport with customers and creating a memorable experience for potential buyers. They encourage sales teams to adapt to changes in the market and strive for higher expectations and better results.

Ultimately, the conversation stresses the importance of taking action on the ideas discussed and positively impacting the industry. In the end, although Bob and Kimberly use two different approaches to achieve the results, they agree that with the right training and support, sales teams can build meaningful customer relationships and close more sales, even in challenging market conditions.

So be sure to listen for the many takeaways and action items to help you or your team. You are sure to come away with some ideas, motivation, and perspective. Head-to-Head is not a webinar or a podcast. It is a conversation where we invite the audience to join us live to participate with us. You never know what direction we will go. To catch up on previous editions or register for upcoming episodes, please visit CLICK HERE.

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