Free Webinar: Improving Realtor® Relationships for the Long Haul

Free Webinar: Improving Realtor® Relationships for the Long Haul

This week, we are back with an eighth webinar in a series designed to help sales and marketing teams in the new home industry improve their co-op Realtor relationships during this uncharted crisis.

This webinar was recorded live on May 15, 2020, at 1 p.m. EDT.

As part of our webinar series, “Selling in a Time of Uncertainty,” we are diving into the relationship between outside agents and home builders. We will discuss some of the good the bad and the ugly, and how we can improve these relationships. Whether you call these co-broker sales, co-op sales, or Realtor sales, all across the country builders do business every day with customers who’d like to build a home, and already are working with agents. How can we make these relationships stronger, more consistent, and ongoing through good times and bad?

We will Discuss:

  • Attracting and engaging outside real estate agents on social media
  • Email marketing to co-op agents
  • Working with the general real estate agent
  • How OSCs are a key component to building Realtor relations
  • Registration cards, how we love thee
  • Education and CE classes

Plus, as an added bonus, Ben Marks from Melinda Brody & Company will present special information on the value of secret shopping to keep your site agents, online sales agents, and even your websites on track with your customers’ expectations.

Join us for this action-packed webinar brimming with information. As always bring your questions and your experiences to add to the value we’ve provided over the past 10 weeks.


  • Carol Morgan, Founder and President of Denim Marketing
  • Leah Kaiz Fellows, Founder and Online Sales Counselor Trainer of Blue Gypsy, Inc.
  • Kimberly Mackey, Founder and Sales & Marketing Management Consultant of New Homes Solutions Consulting
  • MODERATOR: Kelly Ann Zuccarelli, SVP, National Builder, Renovation & Condo Program Manager with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
  • Special Guest: Ben Marks, President of Melinda Brody & Company

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