Sales and Marketing Power Hour: Girl Power! How Women Are Changing the Homebuilding Industry

Sales and Marketing Power Hour: Girl Power! How Women Are Changing the Homebuilding Industry

Mollie Elkman, Owner and President of Group Two and best-selling author of The House That She Built and Alaina Money-Garman, CEO of Garman Homes join hosts Carol Morgan of Denim Marketing and Kimberly Mackey of New Homes Solutions Consulting for this GIRL POWERED edition of the Sales and Marketing Power Hour. This program created quite a buzz before and during the show. Our audience joined in throughout to share experiences and ask the questions you want to be answered about how women and other underrepresented people are breaking down the stereotypes and contributing to this rapidly changing industry. Please listen in and share your comments below. Also, please subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss an episode of The Sales and Marketing Power Hour. This conversation is for everyone, in any position, in the homebuilding industry—not just women.

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Here is a brief summary of our discussion:

On February 22, 2023, hosts Carol Morgan from Denim Marketing and Kimberly Mackey from New Homes Solutions Consulting welcomed Alaina Money-Garman, CEO of Garman Homes, and Molly Elkman, President of Group Two and author of The House that She Built, to discuss the importance of embracing women and other underrepresented demographics in the home building industry. The conversation covered personal experiences, breaking down stereotypes and barriers that prevent women from pursuing successful careers in the industry, and the need for organizations like Professional Women in Building (PWB) to provide mentorship and support for women in the industry.

Hosts Kimberly Mackey and Carol Morgan encouraged the audience to join us for the next Sales and Marketing Power Hour on April 19, 2023, at Noon ET when we discuss the many surprising uses of Chat GPT and other AI tools home building industry. *In fact, this summary of today’s episode of SMPH was generated using Chat GPT.

The speakers highlighted the importance of increasing the number of women in the home building industry. They pointed out that while women make up the majority of home buyers, they represent only 11% of workers in the industry. They suggested that bringing more women into the industry can bring new perspectives and ideas and help solve the labor shortage. The panelists encouraged young women and men to consider careers in the industry, emphasizing the potential for high-paying, meaningful work. They also stressed the need to break down stereotypes and encourage children to explore different subjects and interests, starting in early education involving school boards, guidance counselors, and curriculums.

To promote diversity and inclusivity in the construction industry, the speakers stressed the importance of reaching out to children of all ages and making them aware of the vast range of opportunities within the industry. They argued that art is not only limited to drawing and painting but can also be applied to architecture, interior design, landscaping, and more. They suggested that it is necessary to change the stereotypes surrounding the industry by getting in front of young learners and getting them excited about the variety of careers and opportunities that exist. They also emphasized the need for storytelling to provide possible paths for children and young adults to follow, encouraging people to share their stories and content on social media to show that construction is a job for everyone, regardless of gender or ethnicity.

The panelists also discussed the importance of actively seeking out people different from themselves and finding ways to connect with them. They suggested that business owners may need to network differently and invest in recruiting more inclusive practices. The panelists also acknowledged that unconscious biases could lead to hiring practices favoring people like those already on the team. They recommended seeking help outside the organization and intentionally creating a welcoming and inclusive environment. The panelists cautioned against making anyone feel like a token hire, encouraging creating genuine connections and relationships with people from different backgrounds to foster a sense of belonging for everyone on the team.

The conversation was about the challenges and opportunities for women in the construction industry, specifically in sales and marketing. The panelists discussed their personal experiences, the importance of networking, and the need for mentorship and support. They also emphasized the importance of asking for help and seeking resources, sharing some of their favorite organizations and groups supporting women in the industry. The panelists highlighted the progress made in recent years in increasing diversity and inclusion. However, they acknowledged that there is still work to bridge the gap between blue-collar and white-collar workers to make the industry more welcoming and supportive of women. Overall, the panelists encouraged listeners to get involved, be vocal, and continue pushing for positive industry change.

In conclusion, the Sales and Marketing Power Hour episode emphasized the need for diversity and inclusivity in the home building industry, particularly regarding promoting women’s role in sales and marketing. The speakers highlighted the importance of breaking down stereotypes, providing mentorship and support, and actively seeking and connecting with people different from themselves. The panelists encouraged listeners to get involved and be vocal about creating a more welcoming and inclusive industry. Be sure to watch or listen for all the details and advice. Some of the related stories are sure to inspire you.

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