Sales and Marketing Power Hour: Follow-up Like a Boss

One thing on the mind of sales teams across the county right now is, “how can I follow-up in meaningful ways, and not ‘sound like a pest’? The keyword in that sentence is “meaningful.”

We all sound like a broken record when we say the market has normalized and that we have to back to doing the basics, but the harsh reality is that many salespeople have never worked in a “normal” market and they simply don’t have the skills that are necessary to survive, much less thrive. Isn’t that alone worth a 1-hour investment of your time, to learn a much-needed skill that will put you heads and tails above your competition?

In addition to those real-world skills, we reveal the results of the recent Melinda Brody & Company: New Home Builder Mystery Shopping and Blue Gypsy Inc. industry benchmark study specifically focused on follow-up. This study included large publically traded builders and smaller regional or independent builders. The results will SHOCK you. There is so much we can learn from this, plus read-world techniques for anyone in marketing, builder sales (online or on-site), sales and marketing leadership, etc. Joining hosts Carol Morgan, from Denim Marketing, and Kimberly Mackey, from New Homes Solutions, is Leah Turner, from Melinda Brody & Co., and Leah Fellows from Blue Gypsy, Inc. Grab those earbuds and your favorite latte. This one is a MUST-SEE.

*Coming up on December 14, 2022, at Noon, ET., on the next Sales and Marketing Power Hour, we have our Annual Lasso Round-up. Every year, Lasso CRM asks industry experts to provide predictions for the coming year. We will host a sampling of those experts for what is always a very lively conversation. This is our best-attended event of the year, so block your calendar and register today.

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