The Sales and Marketing Power Hour: Annual Lasso Round-up

The Sales and Marketing Power Hour: Annual Lasso Round-up

When we say, “Power Hour,” we mean it! Take a look at this incredible line-up who joined hosts Carol Morgan, from Denim Marketing and Kimberly Mackey, from New Homes Solutions for our annual partnership with Lasso CRM for the end-of-year Round-up. Each year, Lasso CRM asks the top experts from the new home industry to share a brief tip that builders can use to prepare for the coming year. Carol and Kimberly look forward to the invitation to participate annually, but in 2020, we decided to take it a step forward and invite many of those experts to join us to expand upon their written advice. It was so well received that we decided to do it again this year, and plan on making it a yearly tradition.

This year, we were joined by Leah Fellows, from Blue Gypsy, Inc., Heidi Schroeder, from ECI/Lasso CRM, Kevin Weitzel, from Outhouse, LLC., Roland Nairnsey, from New Home Sales Plus, Anya Chrisanthon, from the New Construction Marketing Podcast, and Erica Lockwood, from Joseph Cris Partners. The topics covered were wide-ranging and timely. We talked about the importance of word choices and how the wrong choice might impact others. We also discussed the importance of diversifying your team and hiring out of the industry. Leah Fellows reminded us to remember our humanity and refocus our efforts on putting the customer first. Roland Nairnsey channeled his inner Ted Lasso to focus on your belief systems and creating a special customer experience to stand apart from the crowd. Kevin Weitzel helped our builders to understand where they can reallocate budget items to invest in the technology they need to propel their business forward; and, Carol Morgan reminded us that one size/style does not fit all. She says we should go to where the customer is and speak to them there rather than expecting them to come to us. Heidi Schroeder focused more on the customer experience with simple tools to engage your customer for life, and Anya Chrisanthon says we need to keep an eye on our customers and pay attention to how they want to do business and what services they demand so that we can match or enhance that experience they expect. How we managed to address all of this in less than an hour is incredible.

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