Sales and Marketing Power Hour-Selling Homes with Nothing to See

Sales and Marketing Power Hour-Selling Homes with Nothing to See

Welcome to the first Sales and Marketing Power Hour of 2022 and our move to Wednesday. Happy Hump Day! We kicked off 2022 with a BANG!

SOLD OUT? Waiting on your next community to open? Dr. Seuss tells us that “the waiting place is a useless place.” Do homebuilders still need model homes in today’s digital environment? Virtual tours are more popular than ever for selling homes, and it’s clear that this trend is here to stay! With the incredible cost and time-saving benefits of this technology, will model homes remain relevant? Join us for the first Hump Day Sales & Marketing Power Hour as we discuss Selling Homes with Nothing to See – virtual tours vs. model homes! Model homes take on virtual tours to duke it out on whether home builders should stick to tried-and-true approaches or modernize their selling methods.

During this timely conversation, hosts Kimberly Mackey and Carol Morgan along with industry guests Kevin Weitzel from Outhouse, LLC (and frequent flyer on SMPH), David Payne from Invent Dev, and Danny Collins from Media Lab offer insight on what is happening in the 3-dimensional world in homebuilding. We’ll discuss tips for reaching target audiences, engaging with them in a meaningful way and accelerating sales. This program is appropriate for company visionaries, sales and marketing leadership, on-site sales professionals, and anyone who wants to remain relevant as our industry grows its technological footprint. Make sure you don’t miss any SMPH by registering to attend our upcoming LIVE conversations. REGISTER HERE.

Coming up on the next Sales and Marketing Power Hour on April 20, 2022, at Noon, ET, we welcome Chris Hartly as our guest. Our topic is, “Making Movie Stars Out of Your Camera-Shy Team.” We will discuss all things video-related and how you can incorporate it as part of your customer experience and your marketing to engage your buyers and prospects earlier, ensure a consistent message, and create happy customers.

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