Sales and Marketing Power Hour: How to AI…Now

Sales and Marketing Power Hour: How to AI…Now


In our SMPH webinar, “How to AI…Now,” we further explore the potential of artificial intelligence in the home-building sector. Kimberly Mackey of New Homes Solutions and Carol Morgan from Denim Marketing invite industry leaders Anya Chrisanthon from Anewgo and Barrett Davis of NterNow, to present practical strategies for incorporating AI into sales and marketing practices.

Barrett Davis, Co-founder of NterNow and pioneer of, unveils his innovative solution to using AI in home-building. is an AI-driven tool that provides specific prompts to assist in routine tasks, generating in-depth data about communities, companies, properties, and more. This automation can lead to job descriptions, property summaries, and PR statements, saving marketing and sales teams’ valuable time. sets itself apart by concentrating on the new construction industry. Its AI capability, built from data gathered from the top 200 home builders, delivers accurate and industry-specific assistance.

The Power of ‘Recipes’ in Recipes, defined as instructions for the AI, are central to Users can input details like community or builder names, prompting the AI to produce tailored outputs, such as a job description for a home counselor, a press release or other documents.

Fostering a community spirit, promotes a community-centric approach by motivating users to develop and share their recipes. With a leaderboard in the pipeline, the platform encourages shared learning and collective progress.

Anya Chrisanthon, a seasoned industry professional, underscores the importance of high-quality visual content in modern sales and marketing. With increased chat-based searches, a visually-optimized website with SEO-ready content can ensure enhanced visibility and more precise communication with prospective clients.

With content as the core of marketing, Chrisanthon advocates that high-quality, diverse content is critical to effective marketing. She introduces a suite of AI tools she uses, primarily for podcasting and video creation.

Revolutionizing Video Creation with Captions.

AI Anya showcases, an app that functions as a teleprompter for creating video content, maintaining the illusion of eye contact with the viewer.

Improving Video Content with Zubtitle and Opus Clips.

Zubtitle helps divide long podcast recordings into digestible segments with added captions, ensuring engagement even on mute. On the other hand, Opus Clips facilitates the creation of short, engaging video content, focusing on trending topics for optimized viewer interaction.

Transforming Media with Descript

Descript is a powerful tool that transcribes video or audio into text format, streamlining the editing process. It can identify speakers, eliminate filler words, and even edit the video based on the text.

Personalizing with Synthesia

Synthesia allows users to create an avatar, a virtual version of themselves, adding a personal touch to video content.

Anya Chrisanthon’s in-depth analysis provides a robust understanding of the best AI tools available, empowering homebuilding industry professionals to capitalize on these technologies for their sales and marketing endeavors.

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