Get Traction with Kimberly Mackey

Get Traction with Kimberly Mackey

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Kimberly Mackey of New Homes Solutions is on the Podcast, A New Go of New Home Sales! with John and Anya, this week to talk about current market temperature, salespeoples’ state of mind and how to measure the right metrics for predictable sales. So let’s get some traction with Kimberly Mackey!

Discussion Topics:

  • Nervousness: technology replacing salespeople, changing sales rules, traffic slow down
  • Industry innovation and new ways to build
  • How salespeople can cope with feeling deflated and the market swings
  • Using automation to your advantage as a salesperson
  • Use the 10-5-2-1 success formula to produce 50% of your own traffic
  • Policies, procedures, and metrics free your team to succeed
  • Accountability charts
  • Even-flow selling and starts
  • Identifying the right buyer
  • Maximizing your systems


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