Training Solutions



Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results – Albert Einstein.

It’s time to stop the insanity and incorporate a training program that REALLY works! New Homes Solutions can provide you with PROVEN training solutions that will elevate your team and increase your bottom line!

Your sales team must be perfecting their sales skills and sharpening their saws on an on-going basis in order to stay ahead of the competition. New Homes Solutions offers a variety of effective sales, marketing, and management training programs designed with one goal in mind, to increase sales and productivity!

“I was fortunate enough to start my sales career in new home sales with Kimberly as my sales manager. Her training has certainly attributed to my success and her innovative ideas motivate you to perform at your greatest level!” Heather Mills, Ryland Homes.

Below are training topics offered by New Home Sales Solutions. We CUSTOMIZE each program to meet the specific needs of your team to ensure that the SOLUTION we recommend is the RIGHT SOLUTION!

  • Critical Path Training: Effective strategies to get from the Meet & Greet through the Close. Learn the best Discovery Practices, Presentation & Demonstration Skills, Qualifying, Overcoming Objections, and Creating a Sense of Urgency to help the buyer to move through the process to owning their “one of a kind” dream home.
  • Teambuilding: How to build a cohesive sales team that is far more effective, profitable, and successful than a group of individuals. Interactive and engaging workshops and teambuilding exercise.
  • Pump Up the Motivation: Motivation is a state of mind and not a one-time occurrence. The team will learn effective techniques for long term motivational plans through mentorship, coaching, rallies, exercises, education, etc.
  • Building a Successful Network for Never-ending Referrals: SUCCESSFUL Sales Professionals know that relying on the company’s advertising efforts is not enough. Participants will learn how to systematically build their own network and create a NETWORK OF NEVER ENDING REFERRALS.
  • Quick Start Training: Ready, set, go! This program gives the new on-site agent quick start tips “right out of the box” while teaching the skills necessary to build a successful career in New Home Sales.
  • Effective Goal Setting: Without goals and direction it is impossible to get where you need to go. This course teaches both sales and management how to set high, but realistic and attainable, goals and what check points to utilize along the way for maximum SUCCESS.
  • Effective Brokerage Relations: General real estate brokers are our friends. They are your outside sales force–an extension of yourself and your efforts. If you follow this systematic approach, you will attain TOP OF MIND awareness within the general real estate community. Big Surprise: this course does not promote holding expensive luncheons!  
  • Construction Training for Sales: A true “NUTS & BOLTS” experience. Everything you need to know in order to confidently sell FEATURES and BENEFITS in the new home industry.

Training programs are available in half day and full day sessions. Give us a call at (813) 712-3844 to set up your personalized program. We also offer Private Boot Camps, Sales Rally’s, and presentations for Home Building Associations. If you are in general real estate and would like to learn how to ‘Sell New Homes’, we offer a 20 hour training program that covers everything you need to know in order to successfully sell new homes to your clients.