Professional Associations Foster Networking, Personal Relationships and Successful Companies

Professional Associations Foster Networking, Personal Relationships and Successful Companies

Our builders’ associations are the very best resource for networking, growing our business and establishing personal relationships within the professional building community. Through these organizations, industry experts and specialists create, share and maintain core values that result in the best possible results for your business growth and community success.

Through perseverance, networking, personal relationships and involvement in several associations, I have grown my company from a fledgling start-up to a recognized and trusted business with eight employees and a national footprint. I’ve enjoyed an increase in sales year after year, fostered life-long business and personal relationships, discovered exceptional employees and expanded with devoted, dependable clients.

Grey Street Studios, Inc. is proud of our long-term relationships with several regional and national builders’ associations. As the current Vice-President of the Sales and Marketing Council (SMC) Board of the Tampa Bay Builders Association (TBBA) and board member of the Florida Home Builders Association (FHBA), I am giving back to this industry that has been so good to me. Last year I earned SMC Associate of the year along with Associate Business of the Year. I believe staff involvement in the association is important as well, and Melissa Chaumont, our senior account manager, earned Associate of the Year for 2017.

I give you this story as my confidence in the power of association involvement. Being engaged and contributing to your local association will lead to not only quality contacts, friendships and recognition, but also an increase in business and incomparable professional opportunities.

I’ve developed the “Ten Cs” of professional builders’ associations:

  1. CREDIBILITY – Professional associations call upon members to continually better the field of construction and often provide training and accreditation.
  2. CONSUMER INFORMATION – Potential clients often use these organizations to gain basic knowledge within the field of construction to make informed decisions when hiring service professionals.
  3. COMMUNICATION – Professional associations are unique environments where members grow through an exchange of ideas, knowledge, experience, skills and other resources.
  4. CONNECTIONS – Construction has many tiers of development. Working with contractors and marketing professionals involved in common betterment of the associations and their communities is a benefit to our members and consumers alike.
  5. CARING – Those who choose to take part in professional associations care about their craft and their community. Licensed and qualified companies lead to superior consumer products.
  6. CODE OF ETHICS – Professional organizations develop standards and best practices that focus on reliability, integrity and quality. Participation in an association guides and holds members to those standards.
  7. CONFIDENCE – As your network is nurtured and business grows, so do the opportunities to help and become involved in the association and industry. Ultimately your confidence builds in yourself, in the relationships within the industry and others demonstrate their confidence in you.
  8. CURRICULUM – Membership in the association presents an opportunity for continued learning and development by sharing experiences, attending events and event formal education designed to help each of us as we grow.
  9. CREDIT – Leadership Roles, Board Installations, Marketing and Recognition Awards. There are many ways your association recognizes hard work and dedication. As your fellow members, we are happy to recognize members for their contributions and give credit where credit is due. And we hope you stand tall as a pillar of the association when we shine the light on you.
  10. CA$H – Sure networking, building personal relationships and growing our companies are all rewarding but let’s admit…it’s good to get paid!

In today’s world, it is sometimes difficult to navigate the many opportunities available for successful business growth. If you haven’t already, take the first step by joining your local association. Then get out there, help your association succeed, put in your time, meet your peers and collectively we will all help each other succeed and prosper.


Brian Swartzwelder is the owner of Grey Street Studios, Inc., established in 2001. He has built the company around the core beliefs of client satisfaction through perseverance, passion and talent. Brian discovered his photography skill in college, mastering fundamentals and technique on black and white film.

Brian is a member of The Tampa Bay Builders Association where he is currently the President Elect of the Tampa Bay Sales and Marketing Council as well as the Chairperson of the Charity Committee. In addition, he is the Secretary of the Executive Committee for the Florida Home Builders Association Sales and Marketing Council.

Based in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida they are no stranger to travel. Grey Street Studios Architectural Photography is the preferred choice for a comprehensive array of photography and video services for the new construction industry across the USA. Our client list encompasses residential and commercial builders and developers as well as apartment community brokers and management companies nationwide. Brian can be reached at | Office: 727-786-7437 (727-STORIES) |

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