How Do Your Sales Skills Measure Up? Guest Vlog with Leah Turner from Melinda Brody & Company

How Do Your Sales Skills Measure Up? Guest Vlog with Leah Turner from Melinda Brody & Company


The results are in of the 2018 benchmark study! Hi there, I’m Leah Turner, Sales Coach, and Trainer with Belinda Brody and Company. Every year we put together a benchmark study that we share with our clients. What we do is we take all the data from the year and compile it to come up with scores in the top six areas of our video mystery shops. This year, we video shot probably about 1,400 new home salespeople representing 45 different builders from across the country; from the Carolinas to California and all places in between. We took those scores and came up with a benchmark average. We shared this average with our clients, so they know where they stand amongst the other builders throughout the country. As I mentioned, there are six areas that we take a look at.

The first one is REGISTRATION. You’ll be happy to know that in 2018, 92% of those people that we video shopped filled out the registration! Yea! Big improvement. So, our salespeople out there are getting that data and getting that important information for you.

The second thing that we take a look at and score is the BUILDER STORY. This year, only 53% of those that we video shopped – 53% – actually shared the builder story, Not good! Your builder story is your brand, and I’m telling you, I’ve seen some video shops where they don’t even mention the name of the builder. So builder story – an area for improvement and an opportunity for training.

The third area that we take a look at is MODEL DEMONSTRATION. A whopping 89% of those salespeople that were video shopped did the model demonstration. You know why? Because this is their comfort zone. When they get into the beautiful model pointing out the features that you provide, they’re in the zone. So that’s great news that they’re doing the model demo.

The next thing we took a look at was HOMESITE DEMONSTRATION. You remember that old saying, “You don’t write unless you site”? Well, 70% of our people did take them out to the home site. This is good news, but still a little bit of an area for an opportunity for growth there as well.

The next area that we looked at and combined the score for is CLOSING. Closing. Unfortunately this year, only 48% of those people that were video shopped suggested to move forward with the purchase of a new home. 48%. That means 52% did not. Not good. Also important to note here, is when we send our video shoppers into your sales offices, our shoppers are ready, willing and able buyers. No credit problems. They could purchase on the spot if they were asked.

The final thing that we took a look at this year was FOLLOW UP. How many salespeople follow up. Also distressing news. Only 48% of those people that were video shopped this year followed up. I mean a phone call, an email, a text. They just aren’t doing it. Again, an opportunity for some training to get our people to follow up.

So that’s the benchmark study offered exclusively by Melinda Brody and Company for our clients. Melinda Brody and Company has been in business for over 35 years, and we focus only on the new home sales industry. So to learn more information, visit our website or give us a call.

(The Melinda Brody and Company 2019 benchmark video shop results will be available in February 2020.)


As Sales Coach & Trainer for Melinda Brody & Company, Leah Turner has worked with thousands of new home sales and real estate professionals across the country providing ways to improve and enhance their presentations and increase sales.

Engaging, educational, and always entertaining, Leah is a sought after speaker and has spoken at numerous national/regional trade shows, conferences, and builder associations in addition to conducting private workshops and training programs for builders and real estate firms across the country.

Leah’s experience and expertise in coaching, training and sales management, gives her the competitive edge needed to deliver impactful, content-rich programs to sales and real estate professionals. And with 25 years as a highly charged sales and marketing executive in the home building and real estate industries, Leah understands the specific challenges and pressures of selling homes in today’s market.

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