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Google Loves YouTube–Here’s Why and How. Guest Vlog with Jim Schaefer.

Google Loves YouTube–Here’s Why and How. Guest Vlog with Jim Schaefer. defines Search-engine optimization (SEO) as the methods used to boost the ranking or frequency of a website in results returned by a search engine, in an effort to maximize user traffic to the site.

Three takeaways from todays video:

  • “Optimize” your website pages to maximize your Google ranking
  • Use key words/phrases at least 3 times on your pages
  • Google shows YouTube videos in search results

Video Transcription:

In this video, I’m going to show you how to use video to increase your website’s search engine results. Hi, I’m Jimmy Schafer, President of Real Marketing and Productions, Digital Marketing Consultant, and this month’s guest vlogger for Kimberly Mackey, so thank you Kimberly.

Many of you are already using video in your marketing. You may be doing some email marketing with video which increases the open rate by six percent. You may be doing some explainer videos, community videos. But did you know that you can use that video embedded in the page to increase your search results, and be found more often? By doing some of these techniques, you could increase the traffic to your website, therefore increasing the number of people in the door. That’s right. By embedding video on your pages, you can show up higher for certain keywords in the search engine results specifically on Google. Let me tell you why. Google owns YouTube, and they love to cross-promote the platforms, so Google loves to show YouTube videos in the search results. If you have a video on your page, Forrester (a market research company) says you are 53 times more likely to show up on the first page of Google.

Let me tell you how to do that. Number one. First, you have to decide which pages you want to show up on Google. Is it the community page? The home page? The About Us page? Two. You have to decide which keywords are going to be relevant for those pages. If it’s a community page, it could be new homes in Carrollwood, or new homes wherever that community is or custom builder in wherever that is. Number three. Produce the video. The great news here is they can be any kind of video. They can be community videos with aerials and walkthroughs. They can be testimonial videos. They can be explainer videos. They can be how you build a house better than your competitor video, but you must include the keywords at least three times. In the beginning, middle and end, and include those keywords in the script. A lot of builders are just doing music with a flyover, but no, you have to have a script to be found and put this SEO to take place and to be ranked on YouTube, as well as on Google for your page. Step number four. Optimize the video and the page. Make sure that your script has the keyword in it at the beginning, middle and end. Upload it to YouTube. Make sure that the title has that keyword at the beginning of the title and in the description and the hashtags, Make sure the page is titled with that keyword. Make sure that copy has that keyword in it several times throughout the page and similar keywords. Don’t keyword stuff, just write it, but Google can understand what other words should be in that paragraph, similar to those keywords. Change the image alt tags to those keywords and the image names to those keywords. Now you have an optimized video and an optimized page. Step number five is to embed that video on the page. That’s pretty simple. Usually, if you have a WordPress website, it’s just a matter of getting that embed code and putting it in a certain place on your WordPress website.

The last step is to make sure that you promote that page. You can promote it on all your social media sites. You can send it to bloggers or REALTORS ®, but make sure you send them the whole page link, not just the video because you want them to promote, the page and not the video. Google spiders will see that you have an optimized page with these keywords and the text, the alt tags, and the video which is also ranking on YouTube for those same keywords. They’re going to start to lift that page, and you’re going to show up more for those keywords. A lot of builders are not doing this, so you start doing it, you could get a jumpstart on getting that traffic for those neighborhoods. YouTube is also the second-largest search engine in the world so that video alone is going to help your community.

If you have any questions or need help, click the link below. You can contact me, Jim Schafer, at Thanks again Kimberly Mackey for giving me this opportunity to guest vlog.


Jim is an expert in the field of search engine optimization and search engine marketing for home builders. Jim’s 12 years of experience at and Builders Digital Experience combined with his 5 years with RealReach Marketing developed his understanding and knowledge of how a home builder and/or developer needs to reach their market and track a positive return on the investment.

Jim is a Certified Online Marketing Professional, Certified Sales Professional and is a past President and Life Director of the Tampa Bay Building Association Sales and Marketing Council. He currently holds a position on the board of trustees for the Florida State Sales and Marketing Council. Jim is also constantly learning and keeping up with changing market trends with online classes and seminars.

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