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Are you ready to supercharge your sales team? Take their sales performance to new heights? Empower your team to do more, be more, and SELL more? If so, you are in the right place! New Homes Solutions is committed to providing Sales and Leadership Solutions you need RIGHT now!

The home building industry has changed. In order to be effective, you must acknowledge and embrace the change. At New Homes Solutions, we deliver Real Solutions to the challenges you face every day. What worked yesterday no longer works today. It’s time to get REAL about your sales strategies and training tactics. 

Kimberly Mackey, president and founder of New Homes Solutions, and her team are ready to provide you with original new tools, powerful skills and proven solutions needed to outperform the competition and increase your bottom line. A sought after consultant, speaker and trainer, Kimberly knows what it takes to maximize and increase your sales performance.

“Your sales people can and should be producing 50 sales per year BEFORE any walk-in traffic. If they aren’t, then we need to talk!”  – Kimberly Mackey, New Homes Solutions

New Homes Solutions is proud to announce the addition of Suzanne Neff to our team. Suzanne compliments the New Homes Solutions’ Difference because she is the real deal. Suzanne has been everything from an on-site sales agent to a Regional Vice-president of a large, national builder. When we say she understands your challenges, we really mean it. Suzanne has nearly 30 years of experience working with builders, developers, and brokerages of all sizes. She is the Co-Author of New Home Sales: The Basics and the Magic.

Learn the formula for success from the only Sales and Marketing Management Consultants and trainers who STILL walk in your shoes daily! Contact us today so your team can take it to the next level and start producing the profitable sales your company should expect regardless of market conditions.